I have suffered with fibromyalgia since I was 9 years old.  None of the conventional treatments worked to reduce the pain and difficulties I lived with.  I wandered into Earth Apothecary and was introduced to Bioven.  Relief was immediate and after the first week I was pain free.  Maybe it isn't a miracle drug but it sure feels like one to me. Rita M., Hollywood, FL




I contracted Dengue Fever last year and was suffering from terrible pain in my joints.  My friend gave me Bioven to see if it would help and after a few days all the symptoms cleared up. I took the full 15 days and have had no problems since then.  E. Chan, Yucatan, MX 

In April a friend of mine suggested to take Bioven as I had severe R.A. pain.  I started taking Bioven; 5 days after, I called my friend and told her that my pain was reduced 50%.  After my pack, I bought another one and I am FREE of R.A. pain. Joe P., Parsonsfield, ME

A friend recommended I take Bioven the last month of my pregnency because we were entering flu season and she wanted my immune system boosted.  She also suggested I take Bioven after the birth while I was breast feeding.  I never got sick, I recovered from the natural birth in a week and my baby has not been sick once since his birth 4 months ago.  He is happy, bright eyed and healthy.  this was a much different experience then 9 years ago and I am sure it was the Bioven.  JD, West Virginia

'I have been using Bioven for 15 years to control Systemic Lupus and extreme chemical exposure. Until recently I had to travel out of the country to purchase it but now it is available in the States.  I was diagnosed with SLE in 1986 and tried many different drugs, all of which had horrible side effects and little reults.  Bioven is the only medicine I use and have been in remission for 15 years. MLuria, Ft. Lauderdale

I am a retired nurse and have suffered with severe knee pain and memory loss for some years. My friends recommended Bioven for my knee pain and after a few days the pain was almost gone.  I take care of my grandchildren and climb stairs all day so it is wonderful to not have pain.  After the first week I noticed that my memory was getting better and my thinking was clearer.  After I finished the first course I decided to take another 15 days and the results have been great. M. Hughes, Orlando, FL

I am a personal trainer and exposed to all kinds of sick people at the gym.  I would catch quite a few colds and occasionally the flu during the year.  My freind recommended Bioven becuase it is a really strong immune booster and thought it would help.  I took my first packet the beginning of 2016 nd have not had a cold or been sick since.  I noticed that my brain fog was gone so I got two for one! KB, St. Louis, MO